JamMo - Jamming mobile game for kids.


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For parents and teachers

JamMo is designed to be extendable. It will be easy to make own content without altering source code. (Altought modifying source code is possible too)

Making songs for singing game

3-6 years advanced karaoke game can be extended with users own songs. Prerequirement step:
Make directory ".jammo/songs" under your home directory. (If you do not have it already.)
This folder is called OWN_SONGS.
e.g. mkdir -p ~/.jammo/songs
Step 1:
Make new subfolder under OWN_SONGS. All files will be in this folder. And nothing else is needed.

Step 2:
Make audio file without vocals and name it 'comping.ogg'. It can be ogg,wav,mp3... as long as it's name is '.ogg'. If you want that selected language affects played file, name them with language-prefix, e.g: comping_fi.ogg will be played only if language is FInnish.

Now you can make first test that your new song is founded by JamMo.

Step 3:
Make audio file, which contains both vocal and music. Rename it to e.g. vocal_fi.ogg or vocal_en.ogg. During playing jammo audio file which correspond current language is used.

In JamMo:
On recording phase comping.ogg (or comping_XX.ogg) is played. On playback phase just recorder file is played parallel with comping.ogg.

On recording phase vocal__XX.ogg is played. On playback phase just recorder file is played parallel with comping.ogg (or comping_XX.ogg).

Step 4:
Make image for background and name it to background.png. Resize it to 800x480px. If you do not have background.png default image will be used. (If you have tested your audio files with jammo already you have seen it).

Step 5:
Make file named icon.json, which is used to generate icon-file (shown in song-selection-menu) from background.png, looking like this:
"x" : 99,
"y" : 7,
"width" : 470,
"height": 459

Themes for composing game

... (Feature is not implemented yet)

Virtual Instruments for jamming

... (Manual is not written yet)