JamMo - Jamming mobile game for kids.


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User manual for version 0.6.16

This manual covers only game for 3-6 years children.
Mentor speaks Finnish, English and German. Language of your system is used. His speech in this manual is only an approximation.

Mentor (the bear)

Whenever the mentor starts speaking, he mounts, and after talking he shrinks. While the mentor is speaking, he can be stopped by touching, and then he shrinks. When help is needed, the small mentor can be touched, and then he mounts to help. If the user doesn't do anything in a while (10 seconds), the mentor will mount and give the same help than when touched, but only ones per view.

Here is a list of all the JamMo’s views. (Color codings are used in this manual.) Many views have a mentor's welcome message and a message, when the mentor is touched (same than idle message).


When you start the JamMo, you will see door.
Touch the door, and it will open. Touch again if you don’t want to see the animation. (After 10 seconds door opens automatically)
Welcome. Touch me when you need help.
If you want to sing, touch picture with the singing child. If you want to play compose, touch picture of with child holding a piano. If you want to hear the music you composed or the sings you produced, touch cupboard. If you want change to play more difficulty games, touch the picture with the note icon.
This view shows the main menu of the JamMo.
*On the left side you see a singing child. This is the entry to the singing games.
*In the middle you see a child with a piano. This is the entry to the composition games.
*On the right side, you see a cupboard. Here is space to store all sung songs and compositon that you save.
*In the middle of this view, right below the roof, there is a note. It indicates 'easy level'. When touched skill-level selection opens.
*In the upper right corner, the bear has function to finish the JamMo (after confirmation).

In the upper left corner is the bear ready to give instructions.
How to change the level of difficulty
Press note to play easy, play notes to play advanced game.
one note=easy
many notes=advanced

Differencies between Easy and Advanced
Singing game: 8 songs / 12 songs (and scrollable song menu)
Composition game: each scene has : 6 samples / 4*6 samples

Singing game

Song selection.
Select a song
Select a song or change the language of the lyrics, or mute the singing voice.
On the upper right corner there is the sign for going back to the main menu.
Below that is a picture showing on adult and a child. It indicates that someone (e.g a teacher) is singing the song with its lyrics. Touching it will mute this singing voice.
The next picture in the row on the right side shows the current language related to the song's lyrics. NOTE This selected language doesn't affect language of mentor’s language! It only affects the songs’ lyrics.
It also affects number of verses because there are variations between languages.
Each square picture represents a song. When touched, the picture extends and fills the screen. The song starts automatically. If the teacher's singing track is on but the song doesn't have a track for the selected language, the picture will be dimmed, but it can still be pressed. (See image: both songs on the right are dimmed).
Singing game advanced
(same as easy)...And you can get more songs by scrolling.
There are more songs than in easy, but the first eight songs are same. The screen is scrollable. Some of the pictures are not fully visible and the mentor tells to explore additional songs by scrolling.

(See image: the language is different than in the previous image, and hence, different songs are dimmed out.)
The list of songs in JamMo v.0.5
English Finnish German France
Old McDonald had a farm Piippolan vaarilla oli talo *Herr McDonald hat 'ne farm *
Are you sleeping Jaakko kulta *Bruder Jakob Bruder Jakob
Lightly row Aurinko lämmittää [melody:Kevätsää] ("Spring and sun") *Hänschen klein *
Mary had a little lamb *Maijan karitsa * *
Fox, you stole my goosey gander Sataa sataa ropisee ("It's raining") *Fuchs du hast dir Ganz gestohlen *
Incy Wincy spider Hämä hämä häkki *Klitze kleine Spinne *
Row row row your boat Souda, souda näin * *
Twinkle, twinkle, little star *Tuiki tuiki tähtönen *Blinke, blinke, kleiner Stern *
* Miska soutaa joella ("Miska is boating") * *
Ringa-a-ring-o'roses Hus sika metsään ("Pig, go forest") *Ringel-ringel-Reihe *
* *Avignonin sillalla ("On bridge of Avignon") * Sur le pont d' Avignon

* Missing in this version (due lack of resources or copyrighted lyrics)
In JamMo version 0.5 there are only one image in each song, and it relates Finnish version of lyrics.
Recording singing
You have selected song named $. Start singing after prelude.
Then mentor hides and you can see the full background picture of this song. The music starts and a small red symbol (corresponds to selected song) starts moving at the bottom from the left to the right corner according to the song’s duration.

After the song is finished, the cursor is in the right corner. Then the next phase starts. You can skip it by pressing the X-button in the upper right corner.
Listen to recorded song
You sang very well. Now listen your recordings.
Then mentor hides and you can listen to the backing track and your recorded song. The cursor is green and moves in the same way as during the recording phase. The teacher's singing track is not played. If you haven't used earphones during recording, it is possible that it is also recorded.

When the playback of the recorded song ends and the cursor is in the right corner, the song is automatically saved to the cupboard. Song selection starts again.

Or you can skip straight to song-selection by pressing the X-button on upper right corner.
Change the language
Here you can change the language
This is the language of teacher's singing track. It also affects number of verses because there are variations between languages. NOTE The selected language affects the songs’ lyrics but not the mentor's language!

Choose a language or the X-button to cancel.
Change between solo singing and singing with the teacher's singing track
Here you can change ...
Solo = only instrumental backing track
Duetto = instrumental and teacher's singing track
Use the X-button to cancel.

Composition game

Theme selection
Choose one of three landscapes to compose music
UrbanCity = Hiphop, rock and ambient
AnimalWorld =
FantasyCastle =
Composition easy (animal theme)
At the bottom you see a track. Touch the play button and listen. You see moving objects. Touch them and listen. Choose one, and drag and drop it to the bottom line. Choose more objects and compose your own piece of music.
Each theme has a backing track that is explored by the play button, and six different types of moving objects. The backing music has some variations indicated by changing the color correspondingly. Each of the animated objects has its own characteristic sound that is explored by touching. Each object can be dragged from background to the timeline on the bottom of the screen. Each time an object is dragged and dropped, it will be renewed.

The position of the objects on the track can be changed or they can be removed, but they do not overlap. The backing track line can be scrolled to complete the filling with objects. The play button will then combine the backing track music with the arranged objects’ sounds.

Each theme has three different variations of moving objects and backing tracks.

Composition advanced (city theme)
The same rules apply as for the easy composition game
There are now four 'soundfamily' buttons. When touching one at a time, five animated objects appear, each carrying its own sound loop. Families are: melodic, rhythmic, effects, and harmonic.

At the bottom, there are two simultaneous tracks for creating a composition.
Leaving the composition game

If there are something on the track(s), user can choose icon for saving this composition.
Icons are same than in current theme.
Pressing X-button skip saving.
Arrow in right bottom corner brings back to game.


Load saved compositions and songs
Here you can hear the compositions and songs you saved
On the left side there are compositions. Touching one of the pictures will play composition. No editing is allowed. Ending playback will bring the user back to the cupboard.

The songs are stored in the left part of the cupboard. Only the last version of a particular song is accessible from the cupboard.
Touching the picture will start playing the song in the listening mode with the green symbol moving along the timeline. The X-button allows to stop the playing. Thereafter the cupboard is shown again.

If there are more than four composition/singing area is vertically scrollable.

Finishing the game and closing the JamMo

When you wish to exit the JamMo, touch the little bear in the upper left corner.
Are you sure you want to leave the game? If you don't, touch picture of bear. If you do, touch the picture of leaving bear.

Press the bear on the left side if you do not want to quit the game, press the bear at the right side for leaving the game.

Overview of the navigation space

Some technical information

Folder $JAMMO means
in maemo: /home/user/MyDocs/jammo
in Ubuntu: /tmp/jammo

In Ubuntu your savings will be removed in each reboot!


Saved compositions are in
And filename contains theme name, variation, game level and timestamp.


*Singings are in
There are only one file for each song, so newer one will overwrite older.
But every recordings are saved in