JamMo - Jamming mobile game for kids.


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This page has been updated on 30. April, 2011.

General information

JamMo is a mobile technological tool for music making for children aged 3-12. It is currently under developepment (year 2011), and all codes and data files are licensed under GPL 2. So JamMo is Open Source and Free Software. It can be downloaded and used without price and users can make modifications and share JamMo to anybody (with or without modifications).
It is targeted for Nokia Internet tablet N900 (Maemo5), but can be run on desktop Ubuntu as well.

JamMo is a product of the UMSIC-project (see www.umsic.org).
Composing game Singing game


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June 7, 2010: Improved v0.5.1 released.

March 29, 2010: First stable version (v0.5) released. It contains singing game and composing game for 3-6 years old children.